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"I consulted Diane Samsel during a terribly hard time in my life. Using Voice Dialogue, she was able to help me when I thought help was impossible. Over several months, I felt better after each session and the effect was cumulative. I haven't needed to consult her since then but I know that she can help if I need it."   JM, Arizona

"I found this session to be very validating, stimulating and encouraging. I always appreciate your help in fitting together the puzzling pieces of my life." Lisa W.

Voice Dialogue Coaching

Voice Dialogue is a technique used to gain awareness of the differing “selves” in our personality. Our personality is said to consist of numerous sub-personalities, each with a unique perspective on our life. We often over identify with some selves while ignoring the needs of others.  This dynamic often leads to frustrating “bonds” with other people in our life.  Those close to us will be invited to carry the “disowned” energy we are not willing to acknowledge.  Likewise, we may find we’re carrying the “disowned self” of another.


 With the Voice Dialogue technique a participant gains  perspective that allows them the distance needed to consider how each self is operating in the self system. The process, which involves an exploration of the personality through dialogue, leads to liberation. This is not therapy.  It’s a simple technique that encourages awareness of the many ways we interact with others in our life.  The goal of a successful “facilitation” is liberation from stressful interpersonal relationships.

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