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Astonomical Clock

"Diane's understanding of my chart and her ability to provide a meaningful perspective truly made a difference. I am stronger, happier and leading a more fulfilled life from our sessions."  Joe J.

"It is very special to meet someone who immediately knows your hidden and concealed truths. . . I highly recommend an astrology reading with Diane for anyone who is seeking deeper and profound knowledge of their soul. It is a gift to yourself that will be highly treasured." SH, Charleston, SC

Astrology Consultations

When do you consult an astrologer?  The best time to consult an astrologer is when at a crossroads, and you need clear directions for the best direction to travel.  Clients come to me when facing relationship, career and health issues.  Timing is everything when launching a new project.  Timing is important when considering a new partnership. Timing plays a part in the healing process.  Astrology is the best tool for accessing the part of any process known as "timing"!  

Along with "timing", astrology can help with being aware of life patterns.  We all notice that as we go through life, we often repeat the same patterns, whether at work, at play, in partnerships or with health issues.  Being aware of these patterns is often the very first step in making important changes that can lead to an exciting new way of being in the world.

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