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Astrologer Kathy Rose Interviews me on her Mavericks Podcast!

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

Astrologer Kathy Rose, a talented, well known and well respected Astrologer, interviewed me on her wonderful podcast; Mavericks. Kathy has been a friend for years and recently took over teaching the Tyl Method after our astrologer and teacher, Noel Tyl, passed away. I love her work and her podcast is fascinating. She stands up for all of the Mavericks of the world. It's a terrific show. Hope you enjoy my interview.

Photo of teen age me with my cat, Bippy; I was proudly one of my High School's (Newport Harbor Class of '63) Biggest outcasts. Bippy came back in another body years later as Beauregard and then later on as Buster, as told in my book: The Magical Language of the Heart.

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