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Diane Samsel Anima Communicator



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The Magical Language of the Heart

The Magical Language of the Heart Facebo

"Wonderful and amazing book!!! Opens your eyes to things most people don’t know exists!
Love the book!" T. Kizer

"I loved the personal stories about the author's life which brought authenticity to the animal stories. It was just the right amount of attention to the person who is the animal intuitive, so that we can wonder if perhaps the mix of experiences that were hers in life helped create her special abilities. We would all love to have that ability, and be able to know what our pets are telling us. I pretty much read the book straight through on a rainy day curled up on the couch, just running into the kitchen for more snacks, and of course I was sad when I finished the book and closed it." Barbara Ybarra

"In this funny and moving collection of stories, Diane Samsel teaches us that everyone has the ability to communicate with animals through listening with our hearts. The techniques she offers are simple, easy, and effective. A must read for anyone who loves animals and wants to deepen their relationship to the natural world." M. Baltz

My book tells the story of my journey of discovery that led me to becoming an Animal Communicator over 22 years ago. In the book you will learn the basic techniques necessary to acquiring the skills needed to become a communicator. It is an art that everyone can learn! There’s an exciting new section about using astrology in Animal Communication. I began to combine my professional astrology practice with animal communication and now find it an invaluable assist in my work. I invented this technique 20 years ago and taught it on line and now communicators are beginning to use it in their practice. Learn simple Astrology techniques that help locate lost animals and identify issues that might be otherwise difficult to bring forward in a consultation. Another practice I use is is Voice Dialogue. Find out how using this amazing technique you can help people resolve seemingly intractable behaviors in their companion animals.


About Me

Always the “outsider”, I have enjoyed exploring the mysteries of life.  Encouraged by my father to honor my uniqueness, I learned at a very early age that language was more than the spoken word.  Language was visual, auditory, visceral and could be appreciated in a myriad ways. Communicating  with trees, animals, the stars became my joy and connection to life.  After graduating from college with a BFA in studio painting, I went on to work in video and from there just hopped into the world of astrology and animal communication.  It seemed like everything in this world had a story to tell and I opened my heart to hearing it.  My practice, my writing, my art are all parts of the same fascinating conversation I’m having with the divine.  

Photo: Me as a teen with my cat Bippy. Read the story in my book!


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