Turtle Island

This spring the lady box turtle once again laid her eggs in the garden in front of our home. We watched her slow progress of dispatching egg after egg as the day wore on. Then when we weren’t looking she finished her task and lumbered on to her next adventure. I went outside to examine the nest site and admired the job she had done to cover all evidence of her treasure beneath the earth. I have a project called “Turtle Island”. I want to name each of my box turtles. We have more than one and over the 12 years we’ve been here they’ve grown friendly. Just this week one turtle ambled up to our office downstairs and stood looking in until someone noticed him and then he slowly ambled away. I bought some small, colored rhinestones from Micheal’s Craft Store and my mission is to color code each turtle with a little rhinestone and make a corresponding record with a name and sighting dates. See photos below. This afternoon Hans came into the house to let me know he had spotted a turtle in the strawberry patch. I grabbed my rhinestones and went outside and glued a red rhinestone on my first box turtle. I’ve given her the name “Aphrodite” because she is, I believe, the mother of the eggs in our garden. So now I can call them by name and begin having conversations about them and with them. They love my strawberries and my compost pile. So we already have two conversation pieces. I am so excited! Stay tuned for “turtle talk”!


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