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How Junior Got a New Cat Body

Wednesday, October 5th, 2005

My friend Kelly called me up one morning grief stricken. She had returned home from a short trip to the store to find her beloved cat, Junior, dead. He had just been hit by a car on the road in front of her house. I talked with Junior, now without a body, to find out what had happened. He told me that he didn’t like his body, that there was something wrong with it (undiagnosed) and that he had found a new body; he then proceeded to give me very explicit travel directions. (Go south from driveway, travel 2 miles, turn right at old barn, travel about a mile to farmhouse on left. There will be kittens for adoption). Kelly hung up the phone and followed the directions. And there at the farmhouse were the kittens Junior had promised. And one of the kittens was a duplicate of Junior! I received the excited phone call from her a few hours later. Junior was back, just as he had said. Junior is now a healthy 5 year old cat, exactly like his old self. Happy and staying with this body!