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Amber Alert for Lost Pets

Monday, August 9th, 2010

This site has gotten good reviews for its service:

Site Offering Tips for Finding Lost Cats

Wednesday, September 19th, 2007

The following web site offers valuable tips to help in the search for lost cats. As you may know, cats often are very close to home when they are considered lost. A cat goes into hiding the minute he or she feels endangered or threatened. Please visit this site if you are looking for a beloved cat friend who has become lost:

Finding Sam the Dog in a Big Woods

Monday, June 18th, 2007

Weekends often bring emergency calls from clients who have lost their animal friends. Sunday I received a call from a client whose dog, Sam, had disappeared into the woods at a nature preserve near the South Carolina coast. Sam showed me that he was chasing deer and had gotten lost. My client was very upset and Sam was having a difficult time connecting with him in order to find his way back. Animals are, of course, very psychic. When you lose an animal and react with panic, they sense your panic and cannot understand the signal that sends. Sometimes animals tell me they think they’ve done something wrong and will stay in hiding. I asked Sam’s person to please sit down and do deep belly breaths. He is a professional singer and knew how to do this (breathing with the diaphragm using the muscles of the floor of the belly instead of the rib cage, shoulders etc). I asked him to create an imaginary golden cord from his belly to his dog. Once he did this, we traced the cord to the dog. I saw his dog, with a person, traveling towards him on a dirt road. Ten minutes later he called me up to say his dog returned and it was just as I had seen it to be!

New Orleans Cat Found

Tuesday, May 2nd, 2006

While at the Pin Oak Charity Horse Show this year I received a call about a lost cat from a woman in New Orleans. I was standing in the main arena, with a Hunter competition going on and 30 third graders arriving to hear me talk about animal communications (I talked with a 150 that day!) I had to work fast! I told her that I saw her cat hiding in a shed that reeked of pool chemicals. She said that there were no pools in her neighborhood. I asked her to search anyway for a shed and call me back in an hour, when my talks would be over. An hour later I she called back, thrilled. She had her cat in her arms and she said he reeked of pool chemicals. He had been hiding in a shed 2 doors down at the house of a man who cleaned pools for a living.

Sheba and the Dog Fighters

Monday, October 17th, 2005

Last January I received a desperate phone call from a client; her beloved 11 year old German Shepherd was missing from their property (they live in the country on acreage). Usually I do only phone consultations, but since she was in driving range, I agreed to meet her in my home. I’ll call my client Zena the Warrior woman, to hide her real identity; you’ll learn why later. Zena felt heartbroken by Sheba’s disappearance. The dog was considered family. She assured me that Sheba never strayed from the house because of a crippling arthritic condition. I went right to work.Without any prompts (I like as little information as possible)) I saw a reddish pick-up truck drive onto their property. I saw a man with shoulder length hair get out, pick Sheba up, and put her in the truck. I next saw Sheba in a house trailer. I described the property and said there were 3 trailers in a group, in the woods. The property was close to the house. Zena told me there were trailers a few blocks over and that they had been over there calling Sheba’s name. Sheba confirmed that she had heard Zena and her daughter calling. She felt confused because she didn’t know why she was in a trailer full of strangers, some of them being small children who were feeding her sweet breakfast cereal. I heard that some people around Sheba were speaking Spanish, and that she should place her reward posters in the small bodegas, or Mexican grocery stores, near her. She offered a $1000 reward for Sheba’s return, no questions asked. The search continued. Zena had me contact Sheba again and it was in that session that I realized the truth; Sheba had been stolen to bait fighting dogs! I saw lots of cages out in the woods, and Sheba in one, scared, disoriented and hungry. I told Zena she had about 48 hours to find Sheba, because the weekend was coming up and I saw major dog fighting events ahead. At this point we started praying for Sheba’s protection. The following day when I worked with Zena, I saw hands reach down and unlock Sheba’s cage. I told Zena I thought someone had just released her.
Later that day Zena received a mysterious phone call telling her that Sheba had been hanging out on a certain person’s porch the entire time (the porch, elevated 15 feet, would have been impossible for Sheba to climb). Then Zena received a call from a man who had seen the poster (He told Zena he thought it surely must be Elvis’s dog to warrant that large a reward!). The man said he’d wait by the spot where Sheba had been spotted and they could find her together. Zena arrived at the road in question to find two men in a van waiting. She had a large cash reward in her car, and thought of the dangers involved with her actions, but threw caution to the wind. The three of them set out in the woods following the dog in question. Zena, an excellent outdoorswoman and horsewoman, tracked the dog thru the woods and back to a busy highway. The men were on her heels helping. If the dog ahead of her was Sheba, she was unrecognizable; This dog didn’t respond to her calls. The dog emerged from the woods onto a busy 4 lane highway with a medium running down the middle. When Zena emerged from the woods, the dog was trotting along the side of the road. Zena got out into traffic in the middle of the median and attempted to stop the cars zooming past. Sheba finally allowed Zena to catch her.