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Annals of an Animal Communicator–Tomato Worms

Wednesday, July 30th, 2014

Annals of an Animal Communicator.
I grow a cherry tomato plant on the sunniest corner of my perennial garden and every year a tomato worm mows down a good part of it’s architecture. They are extraordinary vegan predators and a good quarter of the plant, stems, fruit and leaves can disappear in a matter of a week. Since our garden is organic and I practice IPM (integrated pest management) I allow┬áthe carnage to progress. Eventually the worm is parasitized by a wasp and it dies. The wasp babies hatch and take care of any other worms in the garden. Each year the same cycle is repeated. There’s the moment I discover the worm’s damage on the plant and then the moment I discover the worm, dead with the little egg sacks on its back. Nature is efficient and doesn’t care what I think or feel about this creature’s life. Nature likes tomatoes, worms and wasps and allows them to sort things out on there own. By giving this drama it’s stage I protect the rest of my tomato crop.