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When Your Horse Rebels

Monday, July 24th, 2006

Horses need to express their destinies just as much as humans do. Usually a horse is born into circumstances that ensure that his or her destiny arrives along a fairly easy path. Once in a very great while a horse will come into life with a rebellious spirit and their destiny will be a puzzle and a challenge to the humans with whom they partner. Last week I talked with such a horse; a Tennessee Walker I’ll call Sam. Sam would not pace himself with other horses on the trail. He hated to be behind any other horse and would walk on at his own fast pace. He had a steel trap mind and knew exactly what he wanted; which was a very independent approach to being a horse. He hated to lunge and do routine. He was curious about everything around him and although serious about getting somewhere with his life, he was the one who was always breaking away from others. Clearly frustrating the first 6 owners, who sold him by the time he was 7, he finally made his way to Sue his current owner. She had tried everything in the attempt to figure Sam out. In the course of our visit, Sam communicated his need for diversity and his loathing of routine. At the same time he needed to do something; he didn’t want to be a pasture ornament. Sue is going to rethink their relationship with Sam and try some new approaches to horsemanship, such as those found in the Natural Horsemanship movement. We had a good laugh during the consultation at the complexities Sam presented and the determination he showed her in getting his need for individuation met! I believe Sue and Sam will respect each other on a much deeper level now and out of that respect will grown trust and a joyous partnership.