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Tuesday, June 4th, 2002

Tommy, a handsome 10 year old Hunter Paint, started complaining to me about his feet a year ago. He wasn’t sure what he needed, just that he wanted some attention paid to his feet. Last month his companion, Rita, called to say that Tommy had been lame off and on for some time. Lameness in horses is often the result of their not knowing when enough is enough. These animals will often have a perfectionist streak in them and tend to be workaholics. Sometimes, too, their trainers don’t understand their need to rest and will teach them to push themselves past their limits. Tommy had a hard time understanding what was expected of him because of his need to be perfect often clashed with his need to simply stand down and assimilate. I checked his body and found that he had a significant subluxation in his C-1 vertebrae. Often this problem will come from not being able to say no. Tommy probably needed to please his trainer too much, or wasn’t given the opportunity to grow accustomed to his routine in a timely manner. He also complained that the area of the hind coffin bones bothered him. I recommended that Rita take him to a chiropractor. Rita reported to me today the findings of the chiropractor did indicate that his C-1 vertebrae was out. This was adjusted satisfactorily.
About the coffin bone complaint, Rita’s note to me said he, (the vet) was going to eliminate the coffin joint in the isolation block as a hind coffin joint is never a problem Rita mentioned to the vet that Tommy had complained about his hind coffin bone and the vet said he had only seen one in his 20 year practice, but was not about to discount it after I brought it up, so we went ahead and blocked it and sure enough it caused a significant improvement.