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August 2014 Astrology

Monday, August 4th, 2014

Dear Reader,
I’ve take off 2 months to reboot after writing astrology reports for 10 straight years without missing a month.  I’m happy to say that we’re sailing into smoother waters in August as the Pluto Square Uranus planetary activity begins its 8 month winding down period.  The world has seen much upheaval financially, politically, environmentally;  on a personal level we’ve all  been in the great cuisinart of life with the dial  set on puree.  In the past 3 years each of us has experienced great change, loss, challenge and/or bewilderment in one area or another of our lives.


For Hans and me, it started Labor Day 2011, a bit early in the cycle, with our daughter (my step-daughter) Lacey’s accident in Park City Utah.  As you remember, Lacey was riding her horse in an equestrian community when the horse was hit by a texting teenage girl speeding in her Dad’s SUV. Lacey was thrown 30 feet into the air and landed on her head. I’m sad to report Lacey is still hospitalized given little hope for recovery.   Hans and I are different people now…I’d like to believe we are better for having gone through this tragic ordeal.  Such is the power of Pluto Uranus.


The Pluto square Uranus aspect calls into reckoning events and behaviors, choices and plans that have been made since October 1965 when Pluto and Uranus conjoined at 17 degrees Virgo.  The Sabian Symbol for that degree (from Blain Bovee’s book The Sabian Symbols and Astrological Analysis) Is “A Ouija board”. Blain writes that “ ‘A ouija board’ is an image of redoubled optimism in exploration of uncanny, extrasensory communication.”  The cultural revolution, based on Sex Drugs and Rock n’ Roll, Integration, women’s liberation and a growing environmental awareness developed to radically shift the minds and hearts of the Western World.  Now, with the Pluto Uranus square, all of these issues are facing monumental challenges. There’s recovery from the worst financial meltdown since the Great Depression. There’s global terrorism that threatens our land.  There’s denial of climate change. There’s the pulling back of women’s rights. There’s voter suppression aimed at limiting the participation of the underclass.  We have the Western Worlds largest prison population swollen by arrests and imprisonment of minor drug offenses.  (watch the Netflix series “Orange is the new Black” if you want to see all of the above captured in a terrific show).


I feel optimistic about a positive resolution of the issues we face.  I think we as a nation, as a civilization, will come to terms with the fear that has been created by the Pluto square Uranus changes.  People profit from keeping the fear alive so as long as we buy into it, and feed the kitty so to speak, we’ll keep having more of it.  However, I’ve noticed a subtle shift in some who had formerly bought into the fear and with that shift an opening of the heart seems to be happening.  I’m rooting for  “compassion for all” to replace “greed is good” as a mantra for the coming times.


August 2014

August 3: 1st Quarter Moon in Scorpio. Duty and hard work square off prompting the impulse to run away –a rapid onset need to depressurize from the stress that’s been building for some time.  The purpose of this bit of drama lies in the need to embrace a deeper truth.  A dream, a vision, the words of someone channeling a 6000 year old Lemurian, anything could set you to wondering if you’re on the right path.  This day’s considerable tension resolves only when you unplug the treadmill and sit down for some good old naval gazing.  Affective changes come through plans hatched well away from the grind.

August 10. Full Moon in Aquarius.  Projects launched on July 26th New Moon come to fruition.  You could be of two minds about your achievement: On the one hand you’re feeling so lucky and happy because your hard work has paid off and your plans for fulfillment are within grasp. But then you wake the next morning and find you slept through the alarm—the one you set to catch the plane to Hawaii –-for an all expense paid first class holiday.  Depressing.  At the heart of any disappointment lies the inability to come to grips with conflicting goals. Compromises resolve the quandary.

August 12: Venus enters Leo.  The recent rash of surgical hits from the more critical in your community has taken its toll.  The cavalry has finally arrived with fresh troops to save the day.  Spirits rise and the creative juices flow once again.  Your ego now emerges out from under the rock where its been hiding. You begin to shine again! Someone who’s been uplifting helps you turn a corner to achieve a creative miracle adding mega watts to your shine.

August 15: Mercury enters Virgo.   Mercury’s easy connection with the pleasure oriented Taurus Moon fueled by the Sun’s Leonine creative energy sets the stage for a burst of expressive activity.  Take control of an important project as you have the key to its improvement.  Self-discipline oils the wheels of progress.  The shadow manifests as a loss of mastery, spoiling the fun and bringing things down to reality with a thud.

August 17: 3rd Quarter Taurus Moon.  Possible bewilderment impedes the day’s progress. Your current perspective is depressing to you and others.  Surrender solves the problem.  Downtime allows a sudden jolt of discovery to evaporate the fog, bring clarity. Stepping out of the box and into an activity that awakens your senses and gets you moving is the astrologer’s Rx. Rx is the symbol in medicine for a prescription for an ailment and in Astrology it stands for a planetary reversal.  This reversal simply allows the planets energy to go inward for system integration. It’s necessary to life to have this push pull action.  Disciplining yourself out of the self-indulgence of moodiness promises a rewarding outcome brightening the world around you at the same time it establishes your place in that world.

August 23: Sun enters Virgo.  When operating at peak capacity this Sun manages to gather much inspiration funneling it into a well-conceived plan for total revolution.  Things need to change and the mental energy to get things organized for change arrives today.  The Moon even agrees, thinking it’s time to cast off from the old country and set out for the new.  We will need to play with this movement, be creative, have fun and create a lot of drama.  A good day to pen down those hopes, dreams, fantasies and good stories you’ve had on the back burner.

August 25: New Moon Virgo.  With Mercury in it’s own sign of Virgo and the Sun and Moon in Virgo our systems are overwhelmed with the need to get things in order.  However, Neptune, the great demagnetizer of the operating system is at work and things could get very foggy.  Planning is beset by much confusion.  Words come out wrong.  You forget how to spell.  Cooperation breaks down.  It’s like herding cats.  Help comes in the form of a brilliant flash of insight of jovial dimensions.  You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll see the humor behind the drama.  Then you’ll get to work organizing the world to be a better place.  Cooperation is key to happiness today and in the next Lunar cycle.


12-12-2012 Predictions

Friday, October 9th, 2009

There has been a lot of speculation about the upcoming date of December 12, 2012. Here is a fine post by the astrologer Noel Tyl on the subject. I concur with his opinion totally:

Adrian Gilbert, author of 2012 Mayan Year of Destiny, and co-author of The Mayan Prophecy and many more fabulously interesting books, including The Orion Mystery and Signs in the Sky … and more, is a firm, fine friend of mine. During my recent tour to Germany and Russia, I was asked many times about the world ending in 2012. I told my audiences that Gilbert had assured me that we would all still be here, business as usual for 2013. I added that the formidable data manager-Mayans had just run out of stone in their sculpted notations for history!!!!  and didn’t continue past 2012.

Today, in a discussion with Gilbert, I asked him to make a statement for the Forum here on this subject…. This is what he shares with us…. The Mayans had an extraordinary ability with mathematics but what most people don’t realise is that their famous Long Count calendar was geared in to galactic astronomy. The world won’t end on December 21, 2012 but it is entering a new cycle as a symbolic door is opening in heaven. In so far as mankind is linked into this cycle, I believe this signifies an opportunity for graduation. For some there will be the rewards of hard labour, for others perhaps a harsher judgement. Of one thing I am certain: we stand on the cusp of mighty changes, and it will be up to each one of us to surf the wave of possibilities this time offers for our evolution. —Thank you, dear Adrian

Noel Tyl