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Dog Jokes

Wednesday, May 14th, 2014

Annals of an Animal Communicator:
Big first for me today! Talking with two sweet little elderly dogs, one recently ascended to spirit the other grieving her friend’s passing. I’ll call them Sweetie and Princess to protect their ID’s. Sweetie is in spirit and Princess is bewildered by the loss as you would expect. I asked Princess to tell me a little about her departed friend and she said that she loves Princess’s jokes! I had never heard of a dog telling a joke! I know about animals creating beautiful poetry but not a joke. So I asked Princess if she would share a joke that she particularly enjoyed and this is the joke she shared:
Two cats are sun bathing.
A crow swoops down and bothers them.
The crow flies away laughing.
Princess thought the joke hilarious. To me it’s a bit Zen but I can appreciate the humor. So now you know, dogs are joke tellers.