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Poncho the Cat

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2003

In my first advanced workshop held last month, I had the class work with veterinarian Doug Berger. We read for one of his patients and then he asked if we could read for his cat, Poncho. Doug shared with us that a recent family upset had left Pancho clinging to his wife, who is allergic to cats. Doug said that he really enjoys holding Poncho and wondered if we could enroll him in sitting on his lap instead.
When we tuned into Poncho the first communication that several of the students received was how wonderful Doug’s wife smelled! Poncho told us that he was helping her deal with her upset by sitting on her lap and giving her healing energy.
As a group, we designed a new strategy for Poncho. We told Poncho that he could sit on Doug’s lap and send his healing powers over to Doug’s wife. Poncho thought that would work fine.
A few weeks later I visited Dr.Berger to have acupuncture on Cookie, my 14 year old kitty with kidney stones. With Doug’s help, she has passed 24 or her 30 stones using acupuncture and diet alone! I asked Doug how Poncho was doing and he said he’s now sitting on my lap exclusively!
The advanced workshop really worked some miracles during the weekend. The students designed strategies together for working on animal’s issues. We learned to send healing love and light for specific problems. Their work was awesome and very successful.

Mysterious Illnesses

Saturday, February 1st, 2003

In my practice I have several dogs who have the same symptoms yet visits to the vet turn up no physical problems. The symptoms are random seizures and the sudden onset of aggression. The one thing that the cases have in common is that the symptoms came on after receiving their vaccinations.
Bailey is an American Bulldog puppy whose symptoms were so bad the vet had recommended putting her to sleep. Her human guardian (I’ll call her Mary) contacted me as a last resort and I began working with this unhappy puppy. When I first communicated with Bailey it was like trying to reach an autistic child. I went on the impressions she was sending me as she didn’t have her personality organized enough to talk with me. I did gather that she wanted to live and to heal. She felt tremendous love for Mary and complete frustration with her condition – which was marked by unpredictable out of control aggression.
I could “feel” Bailey’s liver was extraordinarily stressed – probably by the chemicals in her environment, in the vaccinations and in her food. I gave Mary the name of a holistic vet who could help her to detox Bailey. Mary put her on a raw food diet and the vet prescribed homeopathic and herbal medicines. Mary also found an acupuncturist to work on Bailey.
I’m happy to say that Bailey is maturing and settling down. Her aggressive tendencies are waning and she is beginning to enjoy life. She’s been in treatment for 6 months now and Bailey continues to improve with Mary’s wonderful care.
Last week a call came in from California – a 7 year old mixed breed dog with the same symptoms. Since “Chester” was older than Bailey, he was able to communicate clearly with me. He felt desperate with the onset of the aggression because he saw himself a very loving dog. The vets had given his human guardians no answers for his condition and they called me as a last resort. Since what I sensed about “Chester” was identical to Bailey- and since the symptoms came on right after vaccines, I gave them the same advice: Work with a holistic vet, get the dog on a “clean” preferably raw-meat diet, and allow a lot of time for him to heal.
I don’t like commercial dog and cat foods. They contain too much grain and many indigestible ingredients as well as lots of preservatives. Dogs used to live much longer, healthier lives when fed table scraps. I’ve had vets tell me this. I see a lot of illness and dysfunction in my practice that clears up once an animal is put on a decent diet. I have all 5 of my cats on raw food and all degenerative diseases are a thing of the past. Rusty, a 13 year old orange tabby no longer has hip dysplasia. Buster, my 6 year orange long haired Maine Coon, hasn’t had UTI once since he’s been on raw food (he had had several bad bouts of UTI before raw food). Their teeth don’t need cleaning as much, either. For more information, go to my link for powerpaws.