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September, 2017 Astrology

Mercury stationed Direct September 5 bringing the promise of clarity after a period of prolonged befuddlement. Having backed up to the Great American Eclipse degree (29 Leo) to gather one last ounce of that awesome eclipse energy, Mercury’s now ready to charge forward with a promise of new insight into the mess into which we all feel we’ve fallen. Mercury has travelled through the land of drama and is now hitting the calm waters of simple “yes” and “no”. It will be time, as he is now comfortably in his own home of Virgo, to sort out the closet and throw some stuff away. Like Climate change denial (maybe). With Irma headed towards a state that is only a few feet above sea level we hold our collective breath. Look for awareness to build towards a collective that holds together in strong consensus. A compassionate outpouring to others might drown out the prevailing voices from the “Divide and Conquer” crowd. Look for intense human interactions focusing on building awareness of our need to spiritually transcend the culture war. 

When Mars enters Virgo later in the day, actions will shift from dramatic to thoughtful. The intellect will be sharp as a tack and will benefit from clarity of objectives. Hopefully, the war drums being beaten by the current drama queens will be hidden in the closet as the adults take over. 

Wednesday’s Full Moon in Pisces rises over a nation that will know for sure the direction hurricane Irma will take. Neptune, ruling the seas, joins in with this watery Moon to create a moment of transcendence. The negative side of the equation carries a sense of abandonment and confusion. This could begin a period of spiritual crisis requiring a great deal of sobriety. As compassion continues to build, the bright star of this alignment comes from openness towards accepting and talking about our vulnerability and the willingness to journey towards healing. Consensus and cooperation strengthen aided by unfettered compassion for our fellow beings. Divisive attitudes, no matter how strongly held, yield to and accept the emerging constraints necessary to handle the situation. 

Mercury enters Virgo the 9th. The focus will be on rebuilding. Cooperation replaces chaos. Those in power support the planning needed for this enterprise. Expect truly visionary ideas to emerge. The voices of the charlatans, liars and deluded will be drowned out as the community demands new ideas going forward. As rationality ascends, “The People” will speak and those in control will hear their words loud and clear. 

At the First Quarter Moon, September 13, ideas and their application for moving forward work well together. Plans for these efforts receive ample support from the powers that be. Look for a “Cause” to gain strong support and a widening acceptance. There will be conversions among the non-believers and more demands that problems be addressed. Prevailing confusions and disillusionments can be addressed with succinctly and clearly expressed ideals. People are ready to hear what needs to be said. Lies will be revealed for what they are.

On September 19, Venus will enter Virgo, and on the 20th, we’ll have the New Moon in Virgo. With five planets in thoughtful Virgo life should calm down considerably. The shadow cast over this period will be the critic in each of us that might blame our problems on “the other”. Until problems are embraced and responsibility owned, systems will function poorly. Owning our piece of the blame opens us to a rich and rewarding community experience. Mistakes happen so join the club. Powerful and charismatic leaders may emerge with thoughts that seem to hit the target. Discernment helps separate the truly gifted sharing their inspired messages from the con artists out for self-aggrandizement. The New Moon offers a chance for renewal, bringing new ideas going forward that smash through the tired old wall built from sheer denial, fear and intellectual laziness.

On September 22, when the Sun enters Libra, we will enjoy the Autumn Equinox and celebrate the beginning of the social season. As we emerge from the drama of summer with a willingness to engage fairly with our fellow humans, past wounds might keep us emotionally distant. Watch for happiness to erupt unexpectedly in spite of prevailing moodiness. You’ll be the toddler that can’t help laughing in the midst of a tantrum because…well, that clown is so silly! On a more serious side, we’ll feel safe to take a hard look at the monster in the basement. By embracing the truth of a situation controls can be put in place to avoid the fear of falling into chaos. Then matters truly transform. The flashlight in your hand will shine down into that basement to reveal only a musty old pile of stuff that needs to be thrown out. No monsters after all!

On the 27th the Fourth Quarter Moon an inner leader emerges helping us turn the corner of this month’s most pressing issues. Chances are high you’ll be running on all 8 cylinders and gaining support from important allies. Emotional conviction guides word and deed and establishes you in a leadership position. 

Pluto Stations Direct on the 28th. Reforms are demanded and new directions taken! This turning point brings you face to face with good fortune. No shortcuts allowed, however. Tell the truth and let the non-believers find their voice elsewhere. If your plans are solid, well researched and reasonable, success can be yours. 


Diane Samsel