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Venus in Retreat

March 4, 2017 Venus turned Retrograde in her apparent motion (as viewed from earth). She pulls in her lovely lights to focus on a little reorientation with earthly reality. This phase will last 40 days (she turns Direct on April 15) but will take another few days to readjust to forward motion. Right now she’s absent from the sky as she makes her transition from the evening star to the morning star.

Venus is now in the sign of Aries. She’s in the opponent’s camp. Her mission here is to gather intelligence as to the intentions of their leader, who would be the planet Mars in this case. Mars right now is palling around with the planet Uranus trying to stir up some surprise attach or otherwise sudden, unexpected martial maneuvers, in the hopes of creating some big expansive breakthroughs if not random upheaval. Uranus, the planet of big surprises, opposes Jupiter, the planet of reward through the process of making things bigger and better. Venus wants these boys to simmer down and she’s plotting to charm them out of any hotheaded plans they may have. Venus does not want them to trample her beautiful garden in their rush to prove who’s going to prevail in the conflict. Uranus and Mars want excitement, upset, invention, accidental anything just so it’s new. Jupiter wants a nice steady peaceful expansion of all the goodies to all the people. Jupiter has Venus rooting for his side (Jupiter is in Libra, Venus’ sign) and Uranus has Mars BY his side (they’re conjunct in the sky). Furthermore, Uranus is in the sign ruled by Mars, Aries. So it’s a heated toss up.

And now Venus is retreating from her opponent’s encampment, headed back to the sea (she’ll be in Pisces April 2). There she’ll take a nice leisurely swim, clear her mind and come up with a creative, inspired solution to the war that is going on between Uranus and Jupiter. I should mention that Pluto is squaring the two. Pluto’s role is to turn up the pressure. Pluto, Jupiter, Uranus and Mars are all macho energies. They’d make an interesting golf foursome. Venus represents their saving grace in their current struggle. She’s needed to remind them that their game is NOT a struggle to the death…it’s really a pleasant stroll through green pastures…while hitting a little white ball.

Her mission is to connect their efforts with the simple pleasures of belonging. Her mission is to draw attention away from the constant din of publicity, outrage, scandal, intense emotional processing and then to throw up a few barriers to slow this army down. Besides, befuddlement is about to lead one whole division off a cliff. Venus doesn’t want anyone hurt. She wants us all to get along. Righteous elements of the Jupiter crowd want this too. But the rowdy Mars Uranus crowd just won’t STOP!! The Jupiter crowd is beginning to get out the law books to point out their outlawery! (made up word pertaining to lawless behavior).

Venus knows that by taking a break, going to the beach and doing a little day dreaming solutions emerge automatically. Einstein came to his theory of relativity in a dream. Venus will come up with a solution after a good rest.

When she goes Direct April 15 she’s ready to take control of things. Expect exciting developments that tend to unite folks through strategies and actions manifesting a unifying ideal into reality. The mood arises from a need to process the loss of a moral center. Righteousness asserts its need to clear the debris left by corruption and injustice. There will be cooperation, the joining of hands for action as solutions come to light. Venus will prevail and by August will be regaining her throne.