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January 2018 Astrology Report

January 1: Full Moon in Cancer. The desire to sail away on the wings of fancy defends us against a sense that there’s a lot of hard work needed to adjust to a new reality. Reality is the domain of the sign of Capricorn; an executive energy that likes to plan and execute important projects. Over the course of the month of January, six planets will convene in this no nonsense realm. Most of us are somehow, somewhere bound to old conditioning and this Full Moon should wake us up and point us in a more productive direction; to a place where we can roll up our sleeves and get something done. The Moon, very sensitive and somewhat dreamy now, turns her face toward an inner authority for guidance. By embracing the need to focus, plan, strategize there’s a good chance you could discover a direction in life that feels rewarding. Facing reality with an open heart inoculates against feelings of helplessness and despair. Your higher angels are in place to guide this new start. Trusting a higher authority shifts focus away from “false gods” that bind us to outworn matters. Change is on the way and making friends with your inner CEO will insure a prosperous new year. That executive part in each of us knows how to make things happen!

January 2: Uranus Direct. On August 13, when Uranus stationed retrograde, one of the top stories that day was Montreal Canada’s opening its Olympic Stadium to handle asylum seekers, many of them from America. Uranus is the planet that needs freedom. In the past 5 years of transit Uranus square to Pluto, freedom and power have been at odds with one another. As these two heavyweights fight it out I take comfort in the words my great teacher, Noel Tyl once said: “Uranus always wins”. Uranus needs to break through to freedom. Pluto in its darker mood is into control and manipulation. At its best, Pluto helps us develop a powerful, life affirming perspective that keeps us focused on our soul’s best path. However, a negative Pluto gives us Plutocracy, a form of government in which only the powerful benefit. Asylum seekers are people who need freedom from such oppression. Now the inner asylum seeker in each of us can return to reclaim our rightful place in the world. Watch for exciting developments in the coming weeks as people coalesce and stand up against the corrupt and oppressive. This rebellion may also take place on a personal level. Where in your life have you allowed an outworn point of view to overwhelm your need for excitement and freedom? Trust your gut feelings on this, something needs to change to create a breakthrough. The key to successfully integrating today’s planetary power surge is to be open to a revolutionary way of doing things. Community, friends and family shape your world—share yourself generously and reap the rewards of a brilliant exchange of ideas.

January 8: Fourth Quarter Moon in Libra. A fairness loving Libra Moon takes an oppositional stand against the disruptive plans of the eternal rebel, Uranus. The mediator in this face off is a powerful, executive will that demands both sides reach a compromise. Venus in Capricorn, ruler of this Moon, is all business. The Moon functions best when she takes the coaching. This is a time for adjustments-and listening to reason. Being nice is one thing but breaking through the wall of resistance requires a tough stance. Watch for the desire to make disruptive changes, to shake things up. When things settle down there is peace and a new connectivity. Trust an authority figure, either in the world at large or in your own private inner domain, to deliver a plan that inspires and motivates. Gatherings put you in touch with those involved in promoting social good and this feels very rewarding.

January 11: Mercury enters Capricorn. Mercury makes planet number 5 entering this business-oriented sign, clarifying thoughts—stripping communication of everything but the essentials. Expect a deep, emotional need to propel you towards implementing a cherished ideal; you’ll be certain that you’re on the right course with your actions because Mercury will let you know how to make things real. Ride this wave of creativity—you’re headed for success. There’s a powerful inner core working on your behalf, fueled by dynamic social changes. A clear, focused mind-set, combined with a higher perspective, should guide you through any frustrating events of the next few weeks. All stops along the way occur because the changes are big and many adjustments are needed. Patience is rewarded.

January 16: New Moon in Capricorn. Now six planets line up in Capricorn. Watch for a turning point in events both external and internal. Confident, grounded, harmonious energies lift our spirits and set us all on a new path. Those in our community who haven’t paid attention, who are clinging to the past, might find themselves thrown by the energy of what might feel like an erupting volcano. There’s nothing to do for them except offer a helping hand once they finally land on solid ground, a bit bruised and startled. The energy that unseated them has been building. It was ready to blow. Most of us saw it coming. There will be authority figures losing confidence as the tide changes and their strategies exposed for the weakness inherit within. This is a great time to join a group that promotes new strategies for a saner, more successful tomorrow.

January 17: Venus enters Aquarius. Relieved of her duties in the realm of ambition, she moves forward to a more social position. Venus in Aquarius is a “helper”. Today’s she’s feeling very committed to making powerful contacts in the service of promoting a social cause. There’s a get-things-done energy that corrals this movement. You may find yourself joining a team to work on far-reaching plans for social good. Expect to meet people whose point of view give your own plans a big boost. Your community will notice what you’re doing and applaud you for stepping out and taking action. Words and communications will be brief and to the point; it will seem like everything will be focused on the need to help others.

January 19: Sun enters Aquarius. Idealistic humanitarianism prevails. The will of the people should find enthusiastic expression under today’s condition. Expect a change of direction as a new authority figure emerges and changes course in many areas of public life. Perhaps it’s an inner authority figure that you get in touch with. No matter how this plays out, it will be clear that you can no longer go along with the old agenda. Reformation is the name of the game. The heart knows intuitively that the direction these big changes take you—that’s where you need to go.

January 24: First Quarter Taurus Moon. This Moon requires a slowing down of forward movement in order to anchor recent progress to reality. We can expect to hear from a powerful, emotionally charged group of folks. There’ll be no unruly mobs, however. Expect to be impressed with how well this group musters its forces for its intended outcome. There should be coming together of many different points of view, to coalesce around a shared value. Nothing will be the same after this. Relationships should stabilize going forward. These necessary changes will help ground us all in a healthier sensibility.

January 26: Mars enters Sagittarius. Upheavals are in the making with this fiery, self-righteous Martian energy. There could be a big shock or just a long, low rumble. Basic structures might change rapidly. Social contacts can be intense and yet exciting. The need to erect boundaries may not meet with complete success–it’s a messy time. It will be a good time, though to green light a creative project. On the one hand, someone will be putting on the brakes and on the other hand, it’s full speed ahead. There is no right or wrong, just a need to get energetically comfortable with all that’s going on around you.

January 31: Full Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo. Mercury enters Aquarius. This Full Moon pits the need to be the center attraction against the opposing need to lose oneself in the energetic pulse of a diverse humanity. A humanitarian outlook gets you noticed and at the same time allows you to be at one with all—problem solved! Sharing feelings with others while keeping an even keel should set the tone for this eclipse period, helping navigate important matters as they arise later on in the cycle. Trust that you’ve on the right course—this will set you free. Enjoy the flow. When Mercury enters Aquarius, words and communications help clarify your new humanitarian position.