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July 2017 New Moon
Dear Reader,
Hans and I have had a productive summer with a great vegetable and flower garden and lots of home improvement.  The gloom of last year is slowly lifting and we’re feeling empowered and enjoying a bit of rebirth.  Pluto, the planet of transformation and Uranus, the planet of breakdown/breakthrough are both active in our charts as well as in the sky—and that accounts for the shared disruptions we’ve experienced. While we all have collectively gone through the Uranus square Pluto revolution in the past five years, the end is in sight.  Some of us are luckier than others with these disruptive energies.  If these two planets have not made significant aspects to your natal chart during this period, then you’ve been spared.  Even if you don’t know your chart or the charts of the friends in your community, you have sensed there has been something extraordinary going on around you.  How many of us have lost loved ones, jobs, our homes, a sense of who we are?  With the Eclipse of August 21st, matters will begin to clarify.  If you would care to have a look at how these changes are manifesting in your life, I invite you to book an appointment with me for a consultation:
New Moon of Sunday, July 23, 2017
The New Moon is lined up in Leo with the Sun and Mars and squared by rebellious Uranus in fiery Aries. Uranus is the planet of breakdown/breakthrough delivering breathtaking flashes of brilliant insight, and it should be clear to all of us that something big is about to break out of the shadows as this blaze of energy erupts full-force.
Relationships in general are in for a shake up.  Neptune, the planet of smoke and mirrors, has been on the loose lately, revealing the delusional nature of those most egomaniacal in our tribe.  Neptune’s carelessness (right now he answers to no one) is provoking threats from and possibly even health crisis in some of our most bombastic citizens.  The light is shining in places that cannot tolerate exposure.  Watch for people in the community who are walking around with that “deer in the headlights” expression.
However, with Mercury also in Leo, this star reporter planet is getting the real scoop, as Uranus whispers startling new facts in his ear.  A trine between Uranus and Saturn lends support and excitement to his communication. Saturn, the planet of lessons is in a flowing relationship with Uranus, the planet that wants to help by intensifying things; together they’re aiding Mercury’s desire to get to the heart of the story in order to be the hero of the hour. All together, they’re punching through the wall of denial bringing new data to the fore; this is going to really upset the story put forth by the status quo.  The collapse of this story should be very public but good for the community, as it will advance a new agenda.  On a personal level—muster the courage to move beyond a grudge to which you are committed and to that behavior that irritates others. In this Lunar Cycle it’s best to avoid the conflict.  Solutions to relationships arrive in a flash and shine a fresh new light on important matters.  And with so much Leo energy launched at this time, it’s important that we honor the heroes in our midst!
Important Dates:
August 7: Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse.  The Moon in Aquarius opposes the Leo Sun.  A crisis arises from the dilemma over me vs. “all of you”.  Personalities that demand attention and hog the spotlight will be in conflict with those who care about the common good.  The big egos among us might resort to rationalization when presented the facts. There is great anxiety among the brightest stars—their task is to allow the opposition a voice.  In your personal life this could affect any area that brings personal pride. Listen to friends.  The more volatile in our community might want to fight and resort to challenging you to knock the chip off their shoulder.  Wisdom should prevail, allowing all concerned to appreciate a new perspective. Mercury, our planet of communication, meanwhile will be busy countering falsehoods with facts.  Someone important may make a decision to leave once and for all.
August 12: Mercury Retrograde.  Mercury’s place in Virgo has him happily gathering data to counteract the fantasy and delusion he’s uncovered in his opposition to the planet Neptune—lord of all things gaseous and misted in fog.  Neptune in it’s own sign of Pisces needs you to believe the fantasy and at his best, can deliver divine inspiration.  However, in the wrong hands his powers can be usurped for nefarious ends.  Lies are born through the Neptunian skill of dissolving reality. A robust ego power and an armored up, me first Moon intensified by the planet of sudden change, Uranus, addresses problems with authority.  Meanwhile, the truth is out there–look for revelations to emerge when Mercury goes direct September 5.  There should be fighting words battling the lies and delusions in our community.  More on that later when I address the powerful upcoming Solar Eclipse on August 21st!