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March 2018 Astrology Report

March 1, 2018: Full Moon in Virgo. The face off of the Virgo Moon, and her need for discernment, with the Pisces Sun and his idealism-loving vitality, begins the process of separating truth from fantasy. It might seem as though you’re waking from a dream. And in fact, your dreams may have been so vivid lately they seem to be real. The intellect now helps us pull apart the streams of illusion, fantasy, lies and deception for a closer look at whether we are well grounded. It helps us sort out what’s real for us and what needs to be released so that the energy it holds may be transmuted into creation. With so many planets in Pisces, and with the ruler of Pisces, Neptune very prominent, the Moon steps in to ground us with reason. Pisces is the house of the zodiac where one cycle winds down, its power relinquished as we surrender to the fact that we’re at the end of one thing and about to venture into something new. In this way Pisces brings us to a higher truth by exposing all that is false and untenable from the cycle that is passing. This month should bring about many revelations about matters that no longer hold our truth. In personal areas, if you’ve walked the straight and narrow between what’s real and what’s not, that hard work will begin to pay big dividends. In areas of life where you’ve stayed in fantasy or even delusion, things are about to go south. The truth comes out eventually. For the best healing opportunity, look to your most cherished opinions. Are they propping up a misconception, an outdated idea or worse, a concept that excludes and negates the values of others? If so, the coming reality check could prove painful. If your opinions are not supporting the common good in some way, it might be time to have an attitude adjustment. The current political polarization-with its emotional intensity—will soon begin to collapse. Social Media is weeding out the bad actors. The student’s stand against barbaric mass murder of children is waking up the corporate class to the need for social action. The Mueller investigation is closing in on the core truths of the Russian investigation. Lies, deception, delusions, fantasies will begin to be seen for what they are. The revolution, begun in 2012, is gathering steam. The players who have profited by pulling the wool over our eyes are about to have their day in court—whichever court applies.

March 6: Mercury and Venus enter Aries. Watch for strong statements of social idealism as deep wounds surface for healing. The spirit is buoyed by a nice flow of emotional energy from the depths of the personality. The release of energy erupts into spontaneous creativity—leading to easy solutions. Passion has a voice and there is a tremendous urge to action. Opportunities for major changes may emerge soon. These changes will require a long-term strategy. Plan wisely and put this creative burst of energy to good work. Success will follow.

March 8: Jupiter Retrograde. Watch for authority figures to reveal information that may lead to a quandary; what some thought was real might prove to be otherwise. There may be a period of bewilderment as this new truth sinks in and yet in the end social groups will come together and a new social connectivity begins to heal old, fractured contracts. Jupiter has been busy in Scorpio bringing us the #MeToo movement and the deep probing of the Russian investigations. Jupiter is the planet that is said to rule over legal matters. Watch for this planet’s retrograde period (till July) to place on the table the fruits of its recent investigations. For some it’s going to be bad news. They’ll be faced with facts that cannot be disputed except through willful delusion. For others it will bring about great disillusionment and a sense of “wipe out”. Confusion is sure to reign at first. Yet for those who have been paying attention, who recognize where things have been headed, there will be a great sense of enthusiasm from which a need for action will arise spontaneously. For them this will be a sudden turn of events that will probably spark celebration and joy. Justice served after a period of lawlessness feels mighty good.

March 9: Fourth Quarter Moon. The Full Moon of March 1st brought a climax of sorts to developments on all levels of life. Those planning for a new start have had confusing situations crop up here and there. A new sense of order replaces an “anything goes” attitude. Serious thinking and planning replaces “Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah” attitudes. What’s coming is a Tsunami of Good Stuff for those who have planned for it and are expecting it. You may be feeling unusually enthusiastic and empowered by recent turn of events. Keep up the good fight. Maintain routines–they are important while making way for an emerging sense of freedom and new beginnings.

March 17: New Moon in Pisces. Mars enters Capricorn. Mars, the planet of action- in Capricorn-knows how to get things done efficiently. With the Sun and Moon in sensitive Pisces, Mars the action master will work carefully to make sure the job gets done as efficiently as possible in spite of the fact he may be working with very upset, sensitive, idealistic and deluded people. He’ll know how to cut through the fog to establish clarity. A lot of sensitive material might emerge; secrets are revealed as higher truths emerge into the light of day. These developments will make many people happy. Others will have their rigid opinionation severely challenged. An authority figure might emerge that commands a great deal of admiration for his or her hard work and commitment. This will be a time when delusion has a dramatic show down with truth. Truth will win, as it has a mighty (Mars) general at its side defending it.

March 20: Sun enters Aries. Spring Equinox. Daylight begins to overcome darkness as we head for summer. Watch for groups and individuals to begin to take action—watch for a groundswell to develop as people, feeling empowered, emerge victorious and happy, feeling assured of success. It’s been a rough period of time, no matter who you are or what you’ve been doing. Efforts to lead and initiate projects are likely to be met with success. An authority figure speaks eloquently and lends assurance to those who might have been floundering from one issue or another. People begin to feel empowered by a new sense of mission—of getting a big job done. The changes are big. It’s time to either “get on the train or get left behind”. If you’re not feeling the buzz, then consider you’ve chosen the wrong path. It might be time to rethink priorities. Chose to turn a corner and take a good look at how your path might have led you astray. A simple course correction gets you out of the woods safely and into the meadow where the party is in full swing.

March 24: First Quarter Moon. Time to consider that all that energy released by the New Moon may have taken you a little out of your comfort zone. If you’re feeling like you don’t fit in, take a breather to relax and touch base with those who always accept you with open arms. Everyone will be busy with the ongoing process of sorting fact from fiction—it might take a while. There’ll be a lot of questioning the validity of cherished opinions, ideals and that can be exhausting, hard work. Making plans can seem frustrating at this point because of the work involved. And yet it’s necessary to do so. It’s always hard to get moving in the morning after a night of sleep and vivid dreaming. That’s the energy at play here. We all need to wake up and act and yet the body wants to crawl back into that warm bed and oblivion.

March 30: Venus enters Taurus. Second Full Moon of March about 8 hours later. Venus loves her home sign of Taurus. She brings tremendous pleasure and value and stability here. Watch for a conflict to play out between the ego and the heart. Emotions run hot in this environment yet passions are for stability. Not a comfortable fit and yet we’ll feel the need to be nice, be appreciated and above all, enjoy life. However this plays out, expect in the end to feel good about life, to feel happy and accepted. This Full Moon might deliver pleasant surprises down the road by using creative visualization; just imagine good stuff happening. Give those thoughts a lot of power—and down the road expect your dreams to materialize before your eyes.