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November 2017 Astrology Report

November 4: Full Moon in Taurus. In light of recent and upsetting revelations, this Moon brings an opportunity to reach a place of pleasurable stability lofting us above the commotion. By allowing creative impulses to be your guide, amazing and beautiful breakthroughs are possible. What might this look like? Give comfort to that vulnerable part of your psyche—like hot baths, relaxing music, nice books at bedtime. It’s a positive way to deal with recent upsets–for both body and mind. Bottom line is that the excitement you feel needs to be grounded in comfort and pleasure.     An emerging authority figure in our lives (could be internal or external) will begin to guide us through all the turmoil and intensity guiding the way to an exciting new future. However, there could be two types of authority figures in this case: one who deceives in order to promote further upset and promote a sense of futility (best not listen to this one), and one who establishes good boundaries, plans, rules and regulations that establish a secure ground of being.   Trust your inner Sun and Moon! They bring the promise of inspiration and valid instincts. A Full Moon means from our Earthly perspective these two celestial bodies oppose one another. Their heavenly position calls for you to be aware of what this opposition brings for you personally. Fighting the process increases turmoil. Trusting the process brings a sense of pleasure and stability, and integrates the intense energy of this Sun and the pleasurable needs of this Moon.

November 6: Mercury enters Sagittarius. An urge to understand the complexities coded within the incoming deluge of information triggers an emotional reaction—and this leads to asking the right question. You’re excited, committed to finding the truth, and mentally stirred to action! Expect nice surprises that open doors to fresh perspectives. This surprise may come as a jolt to the system and may either throw you off the track or put you on the right track. Others in your community, or maybe in your own head, will resist the truth now emerging. Compassion wins the day. You’ll be thankful to the powers that be for their tenacious efforts to bring you to this point of awareness. Enjoy!

November 7: Venus enters Scorpio. The cosmos offers a chance now to address the inherent need for connectivity and trust within relationship. Boundaries need to be a part of the strategy. Boundaries set up the parameters that lead us to our heart’s desire. Recent tectonic shifts in the psychic crust of awareness may have jolted you or others to consider other points of view. The belief system that was the glue bonding you to others may recently been challenged by emerging facts—hard to ignore. Someone in your tribe will be flying his or her freak flag. They will expect to be appreciated. Or, you may find yourself breaking out in unexpected and socially weird directions. A higher truth calls and if your feet are on the ground, then unusual moves within the social order will be accepted. If, however, you are wearing a bag over your head or you have your head in the clouds, or you are checked out with your favorite addiction, expect to be deserted. Sobriety is essential! What everyone wants now is to be understood and appreciated—especially those less than perfect parts of the personality and especially those parts that cannot master the art of drawing within the lines. All in all, relaxing with friends is fun and makes you happy when you put your inner judge on vacation and (within bounds) let things flow.

November 10: Third Quarter Moon in Leo. Wrapping up this month’s lunation is an emotionally charged period challenging us to consider our place in the cosmos. Someone’s need to be the center of attention can come up against someone else’s sense of importance. If you’re noticing the “stink eye” from others, it’s time to slowly take the spotlight off of the self. The drama might even play out in your own mind! Your inner golden child wants something and your inner psychoanalyst may bore it to death explaining why that something you’re dying to have is WRONG—or worse yet, shame you just for wanting something special. Oh, how confusing! Listen to your local (or inner) wise woman, develop a strategy, and go for that special prize. Embracing your own power to choose requires considerable strategy, planning and ambition. Work with others, learn the rules and make sure you get everything perfectly clear. Be the adult in the room and wait for the goodies to fall out of the sky all for you! You will be rewarded.

November 18: New Moon in Scorpio. Some powerful public figure may put forth information today that collectively knocks our socks off! Expect mayhem to reign in some quarters. It’s to be expected. Others will be calm enough to see that this is the news we’ve all been awaiting—offering a treasure map to the key that opens the lock that opens the door that conceals the room full of gold and jewels—metaphorically and realistically speaking here. Many will have their prayers answered. This will be a time in which we turn against the inner tyrant…the one that we fear the most. He/she is the one that holds back progress. Granted, many in our tribe think the tyrant is real flesh and blood and has a name (and will go unnamed here as there are a number of them out there). Keep that in mind as the revolution begins. Keep it internal for best results. Less public mayhem results if matters are handled discreetly. As all of us fight for a future we believe in, some of the action is bound to spill out into the streets. This New Moon calls us to action against all dark and scheming bandits who want to steal our power, gold, sovereignty, dignity, you name it. If we value it, we need to rebel against forces that want to control us and take it away. Trust your better angels to guide you through the darkness to the light. Community, cooperation, partnership bring creative solutions in turbulent and intense times.

November 21: Sun enters Sagittarius. Spirits lift as plans for the coming Holidays take form. Liberated from recent turmoil, our collective consciousness heads to happier hunting grounds. If you have been able to ignore reality, then a sense of futility looms. Adjusting to the new order requires being wide awake; major changes now afoot have been carefully thought through and most of us can trust that we’re on the right path because the collective “we” has paid attention. Been asleep at the wheel recently? Expect your car to drift to the shoulder and grind to a halt in the muddy ground. This Sagittarius season brings promises, hopes and optimism–Something that’s been missing for quite a while. Others will be experiencing this energetic breakthrough as their own energetic breakdown. Give these folks a chance to catch up. They’ve probably been tuned to the wrong channel.

November 22: Neptune stations Direct in Pisces. Neptune (appeared to) reverse direction June 16th conjoined a sensitive Pisces Moon. Around that time, a major drug company experienced a huge cyber-attack. Drugs and Neptune go hand in glove. Deceptive attacks are Neptunian. Drugs and cyber attacks are now back in the news as the opioid epidemic worsens and as more details of Russia’s cyber attack on our election emerge. The emerging information about this attack erodes our sense of security in our election process. Neptune loves to wipe the program clean right before a new program is initiated. It’s likely that this Neptune will usher in a better group ideal while it mirrors to us our willingness to be deceived for a cheap thrill. Truth hurts! It’s interesting to me that the population that voted for the party that benefitted from this Russian cyber attack is also the population most at risk from the opioid epidemic. On a positive note, Neptune loves us when we dream. He feels enjoys helping shape a rosier future. Often Neptune is at war with other energies in our natal planetary line up making these dreams so very difficult to realize. As mere mortals, when we fail to satisfy our dreams (Neptune), we may turn to toxic substances or behaviors that help us escape harsh reality. This Neptune season watch for scandals, rumors, lots of lies and deception from the more vulnerable among us defending from having their delusions invaded by reality. With the great deceiver revealed, it will now be easier for us to have access to the truth. If you’ve mastered the art of making your dreams come true, then this is a super happy time for you. For most of us it will be a bit of both; the struggle against our little pesky addictive behaviors verses the courageous initiation of individual acts of creativity.

November 26: First Quarter Moon in Pisces. Someone very important may need to leave the scene as emotions heat to the boiling point. Idealistic righteousness might be the mood du jour. Information gathered from those who have done their homework leads to a feverish need to overthrow the status quo. Facts lead to undeniable truths. Those who were staking their plans on the wrong data might see those plans trashed. Look back to the New Moon of November 18 to get a sense of where this is heading. This lunation just kicks the matter up a notch. There should be lots of steamy heat generated—and watch out that you don’t wander into a fog bank. You could get lost. There might be plenty of disinformation and boundless confusion. Hold on tight to what you know in your heart is true. Eventually the playing field clears and the future you see before should bring a measure of happiness as you perceive the world with clear eyes.