Dreams and Intuitive and Talking with Spirit Helpers

For a week now I’ve been missing my Frisker garden shears. I’ve had them for over 20 years; they are important helpers to me. Yesterday Hans and I launched a search of the house and the garden shed and the garden and turned up empty handed. I went to bed last night with vivid images of those shears and prayed to St. Anthony to help me find them. During the night I dreamt was in a conversation with a man in a tan trench coat; like Columbo. At the end of the conversation, and totally unrelated to the subject we discussed, I asked him if he knew where my shears were. He said that they were in a cupboard and he showed me a mental image of the taupe colored shed in which my husbands segregates his gas powered lawn implements from the general gardening shed inhabitants. End of dream. Next morning I mentioned the dream to Hans and then he disappeared and minutes later proudly reappeared holding my shears! Where where they?! I exclaimed. Then Hans explained that the mention of the shed in the dream and the cupboard jogged his memory. He had originally thought to store them in the taupe shed but changed him mind and then put them on the kitchen counter. He deduced that they ended up in a kitchen drawer and that’s where he found them. Thank you St. Anthony! You are a doll!


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