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Animals healing themselves

May 29th, 2016

Excellent article provided from Dr. Mercola’s site via Karen Becker DVM. It’s about an exciting new movement in animal health: Zoopharmacognosy. http://healthypets.mercola.com/sites/healthypets/archive/2016/05/29/animal-self-medication.aspx?utm_source=petsprnl&utm_medium=email&utm_content=art1&utm_campaign=20160529Z1&et_cid=DM107225&et_rid=1502041880

Mother’s Day 2016

May 9th, 2016

A Mother’s Day Story
This photo was taken around the Holidays 1944 at a time when Mom was very happily pregnant with me. I am to arrive early February 1945. Mom will turn 96 in July this year. Her life amazes me. As she ages she has begun to share her stories with the family and this is one of my most poignant stories about her: Dad loved to fly. He work in the aviation industry and we always had an airplane and took most of our family vacations in his plane. These trips up to Oregon to visit his relatives (I grew up in Newport Beach California) or to South Carolina to visit Mom’s relatives, involved hours of flying all four of us cooped up in the cockpit of a small Piper…either a Tri-Pacer or a Cherokee. The cross country were the most intense. My father died October 1960 in a mid-air collision over Riverside, California. It was a freak accident and the occupants of the other plane landed safely. That terrible accident was the hardest test of my mother’s young life; she was left with two teen-agers to raise. Dad took care of us in death so money wasn’t a problem but she missed him and grieved hard and would not talk about him for decades. Everyone healed eventually from the loss and life for Mom was resumed in her home state of South Carolina, where she created a beautiful home, community and a stable second marriage. She enjoyed her life, had many many friends, was the center of a fun social group, and managed to spend a month at the beach each year with her best and oldest friend June. Aging for Mom hasn’t been fun but she’s taken it on with a great deal of bravery and panache. She’s now in a beautiful Retirement home where she is a gifted bridge and poker player and has earned the nickname “the Black Widow” for her deadly skills at taking everyone’s money and chips. But since it’s a nickel a point no one has yet been kicked out the retirement home due to poverty resulting in Mom’s talent for cleaning up. She is a Queen and manages to be the center of attention everywhere she goes….still! As I said, she’s been sharing her stories lately and this story has really touched me and told me volumes about her character. In all of our flying experience I was never afraid. We were once caught in what the Texan’s call “an Alberta Clipper” wind which swept down the panhandle of Texas while we flying over it returning from Christmas vacation in South Carolina. The winds were ferocious and dad had to drop to an altitude of 1000 feet to maintain control of the little plane. We were flying over wilderness being tossed around like paper. I don’t recall being afraid though. I asked Mom about this trip recently, if she remembered it. She did remember it and how afraid she had been. It was one time we were truly in trouble. Then she went on to say that she carried a little bag with her when she flew that contained water, beef jerky and morphine. Mom was always stoic about her pains and fears, never showing them to us. I thought we grew up in Princess Fairly Land because she put on such a happy face and always had the house looking like royalty could drop by unannounced for tea. Except for mornings following parties (when she took her time recovering) she always looked like a lady. This new information gave me considerable pause. Here was a serious side to my mom, a part of her that was prepared for the worst in spite of always putting on her best. Happy Mother’s Day Lois Nell Jenkins Samsel Goforth!!!

Diane Samsel's photo.

February 2016 Astrology

February 7th, 2016

February 2016 Astrology

February 8 2016: New Moon. Hidden relationship matters could erupt suddenly or could come to a boil—there are issues brewing between the two of you that need attention. These issues could be so alien to your relationship that they’re hard to address. Perhaps a petty jealousy over a meaningless gesture has set you off—the point being it’s so off the mark that attempts to make sense of it are futile. What is true is that resulting bewilderment could erode the foundation of what you hold dear. It’s like a poisonous invisible gas that’s crept into the room. The good news about today’s New Moon is that it promises a rewarding experience if the two of you sit down and take things on in a mature, no nonsense manner. A significant breakthrough could emerge with refreshing clarity. This lunar cycle opens up terrific possibilities for new directions in 2016. Mars, the action planet, anchors this new direction with its retrograde action coming up on April 17. Actions taken around the 12th of April should illuminate satisfying solutions to a lot of issues. Mars stations direct June 29th returning us to a sense of stability.

February 13: Mercury enters Aquarius. Feeling like you lack the answers to life’s problems? The answer could be as simple as refocusing attention. Naval gazing should be off limits today. When you open up to others and choose to believe in yourself, problems—especially thorny relationship problems clarify with the arrival of sudden insight. A dark mood lifts and your heart fills with happiness. Enjoy the pleasures of communicating freely with others and establishing important connections.

February 15: First Quarter Moon. As the Moon challenges the intentions of February 8’s New Moon hopes rise as success begins to emerge from the shadows. In fact you may be experiencing an extra large portion of super sized success staring at you from the plate. Great life advancement may be in the making! And it’s because you took on the challenges of an important partnership and worked things out. The only shadow to fall over this abundance of happiness banquet is the idea that you might not deserve it or that you’re being delusional in thinking it is actually happening. Trust your great good luck and let the riches tumble into your life. This is all part of life’s Wheel of Fortune and trust that your arrow has landed on “Jackpot”!

February 19 2016: Sun enters Pisces. Two competing selves emerge to define the Sun’s 30-day transit through Pisces. On the one hand you positively need to identify and put into play the ideal use of a magical plan you’ve been working on. This plan is really unique to your needs and it will be important to know just how best to implement it. On the other hand you may be nervous about security needs and harbor a fear around the possibility of a sudden and upsetting jolt to the system. This self wants you to take care and be careful and not rock the boat and especially not upset the bottom line. So financial investment may play an important role in what’s coming into your life. The CEO inside you wants you to consider you next move with utmost care but does want you to move forward because on some level this part of you sees far into the future and knows things will turn out ok. Insights into the best course of action arise from careful deliberation; making moves based on knowing and trusting yourself, sharing your ideas and being thoughtful of any suggestions, and at the root of it all knowing that you will be embraced and loved whether you perfect your plan or just manage to execute it “well enough”.

February 22: Full Moon. A dilemma arises with you fretting over details. With the possibility of fabulous opportunity and fresh abundance staring you in the face the unfamiliarity of the situation could lead some to panic. The urge to run away is strong but a little “Googling” or other educational diversion might settle things down for you and provide ideas that will make the current situation seem doable. When power arrives in the form of good fortune the resulting emotional state can be challenging to the point of paralysis. We all need to be equipped to transmute the energetic onslaught of a fresh new perspective into a working reality. This is how empowerment happens. It will be important to keep moving forward. If nothing else, enter into deep study on a matter pertinent to your worries. This is the process from which the compost of trouble arises the gold of new possibility.



Mushrooms in the backyard.

February 3rd, 2016

Over the years I’ve consulted with clients whose companion dogs have consumed mushrooms while digging in the backyard.  In the Charleston SC area there is a deadly variety of mushroom that has actually caused several fatalities in my practice.  Dr. Becker has written this excellent article about the problem: http://healthypets.mercola.com/sites/healthypets/archive/2016/02/03/mushroom-poisoning-pets.aspx?e_cid=20160203Z1_PetsPRNL_art_1&utm_source=petsprnl&utm_medium=email&utm_content=art1&utm_campaign=20160203Z1&et_cid=DM97004&et_rid=1341191996

January 2016 Astrology

January 4th, 2016

January 2016 Astrology

January 1: Something big is brewing and the possibility for happy rewarding outcomes floods the mind like bright sunshine on a stormy day. The energy needed for change flows with a certainty that such changes will put life back on the right track. However, Mercury is about to station retrograde, so mark your place in this chapter of life because you will be returning to the same place in a month or so shortly after Mercury takes the system down for a little necessary rewiring. It’s as though the system needs to be taken off line for a necessary upgrade that can handle the increased power and data management [where is this increased power and data management coming from?].

January 2: Third Quarter Moon. Pay attention to hunches as a higher power uploads an exciting strategy that will facilitate long-term goals. Be prepared for a sudden surge of good feelings that comes out of the blue. You’ll be offered an insight into how seemingly intractable problems can be resolved. A higher perspective shifts a long held outlook from victim to victor –if you have been hitting a brick wall in any part of your life now’s the time you’ll break through to the other side. I have a client who has felt victimized by relationships but he’s ready to accept that he can have a wonderful love life. Difficult relationships can magically transform into peaceful and happy affairs. If money is an issue, watch for financial breakthroughs. If you’re not having fun, watch for an exciting offer to join the party.

January 3: Mars enters Scorpio. The need to take action dives deep into unknown territory. It’s like being behind the wheel of a Corvette and the engine is racing and you’re feeling the power and the conviction and the only things missing are the road map and your willingness to put the car into drive.

This Mars movement next Spring and Summer serves to resolve the Pluto-Uranus square that has been disrupting our lives for the past few years. Because of this powerful alighnment cherished plans have been shredded, composted, and otherwise derailed. Mars will be spending a lot of time in Scorpio helping us repair and redress issues that have left us feeling disempowered.

Mid April Mars will turn retrograde in Sagittarius where it will have spent some time gathering ideas for success. By June 29 Mars will turn direct at 23 Scorpio and steam ahead towards Sagittarius where it will arrive August 2. This movement will take place in a certain house in everyone’s horoscope; for me it takes place in the 12th house. The first time I experienced Mars Rx in my 12th house I was bitten by a feral cat and had to undergo treatment for rabies. This painful experience was something traditional astrologers would say that Mars Rx in the 12th predicts. However, I find early expressions of difficult transits tied to karma. With maturity comes a much more creative and helpful expression. The last time Mars stationed Rx in my 12th house was the week I met my husband! Hans and I will be putting a lot of energy this year making our relationship even more successful, which will express this current Mars movement through my natal 12th house. That’s how Mars works in everyone’s chart: it delivers the energy packets for us to use working out our plans in life. Mars will be helping each of us over the spring and summer months to gather what’s left of the life lesson disruptions brought by the Pluto-Uranus square in order to move forward life empowered with a renewed perspective.

January 5: Mercury Rx. Double check travel plans, back up computers, expect delays…all the normal stuff. This Rx period offers the opportunity to harness a lot of nervous energy into plans and strategies that help develop a cherished ideal into a working reality. If you’ve had trouble making a dream come true then use this period (till January 25 when Mercury goes Direct) to harness good ideas and turn them into great plans. Insights into “what stops us” will jolt many of us out of complacency. Use the power flowing from your own inner nuclear generator that runs off the compost of dashed hopes and dreams not to mention outworn thoughts and emotions. Each of us has this available but maybe you’ve just lost touch with yours. Time to let go of the past. Expect things to be shaken up in a way that wakes us up to great opportunity. You’ll find mature individuals that will be gracious enough to help you make these important changes, so be on the lookout for the perfect mentor! The next three weeks offer the opportunity to review and renew and prepare for rebirth.

January 7: Jupiter Retrograde. The planet of opportunity, reward and blowing things up goes in for a period of self-regard. What’s being worked on here is the wiring that connects us to a cherished ambition. The recent Mars retrograde will throw a few monkey wrenches into plans and it might feel like two steps forward, three steps back for a while. Practice detachment and you’ll find that during these little interludes wonderful spiritual awakenings can arise, delivering blue prints for success. Be a fair judge; be open in opinions, project these qualities and people will shower you with rewards. When Jupiter turns Direct May 9 he will put you within easy reach of all manner of abundance.

January 8: Mercury Rx backs up into Capricorn. An excellent time to pour over those plans: Shake things up and put your new perspective to work. The need to get things done overcomes inhibitions. “Just do it” becomes the perfect mantra.

January 9: New Moon. Ambition loves this New Moon alignment! Its energy provides the rocket fuel for achievement with Pluto the planet of empowerment right there giving it the juice to get things done. Even the great lesson bringer Saturn, teaming up with lovely gracious Venus, is willing to lend a helping hand. Friends and partners will be in the mood to join the work force and lend a hand. Social connections provide access to help move your project into completion and If you’re feeling stuck, get a friend involved to help you over the hump. The frustrations of the past few years can be set aside now as you move your life forward. Bless the challenges for the growth they have brought and release them back into the universe to become compost for your new garden of success.

January 16: First Quarter Moon. Tensions are building towards an explosive situation. Leadership is needed and will emerge when discipline is applied. Relationships have been under pressure; this is a time to recognize the challenges and address them with care. People who have been fighting for gains will find their efforts rewarded while those who insist that rebellion and contrariness will get the job done will be faced with the reality that they’ve missed the train. Folks will be in the mood for healing separations and bridging gaps and valleys. The romance in rebellion is wearing thin and a mood of cooperation begins to emerge, as the struggle to bring about peace and partnership is embraced.

January 20: Sun enters Aquarius. Circumstances could change suddenly today. A bright idea emerges that charts new territory, and the stars suggest that heading for this new and unknown vista could be very rewarding. Bring along a map, sharp pencil, binoculars and a sober attitude because this new path requires focus and attention. You will need to know about the dangerous cliffs and unmarked patches of quicksand in advance. If you are prone to daydream and love the fantasy of travel more than the fact then steer clear.   Take a multi dimensional look at the road ahead to forestall pitfalls, avoid dead ends and anticipate danger. Then you will have a marvelous journey of self-discovery and adventure.

January 23: Full Moon. Venus enters Capricorn. Clever insights fuel a breakthrough in resources available to bring a creative project to life. The situation is all systems go! Success depends on your constraining emotional exuberance and allowing logic to prevail. Conservative, thoughtful friends and partners offer strong opportunities to advance your agenda. Seek their counsel. Maintain your position in the center for best results; keeping yourself in the limelight boosts your chances of a big win. Relationship losses of the past can be released; it’s time to reinvent your life!

January 25: Mercury Direct. The planet of communication comes out swinging, full of bright ideas, self-confidence and a readiness to explore new territories. One of the first projects to be tackled will involve the need to create more freedom in one’s life. An overwhelming desire for positive change emerges from a persistent and nagging thought (brought to you by the never ending Pluto-Uranus square) that something’s amiss. Impulsive action and provocative ideas could lead to solutions needed to turn things around. Take that risk now! Confidence comes from knowing that even though you’re in new territory you have your eye on the important tasks and will be able to shepherd them to completion with the right amount of discipline.

January 31: Third Quarter Moon. Intuition and insight team up with strong emotional power in the service of a creative or spiritual project. A wellspring of energy from your psychological depths needs to be channeled into a productive enterprise. With no direction, this energetic upwelling of psychic power could lead to a blowout; direct it into a cherished venue and you can soar! Without that plan in place, matters might collapse into a morass of icky feelings. But the mind is so full of hope, optimism and great strategies, and so happy to be going in a forward motion that fear of failure seems remote.