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Fostering Older Animals

March 6th, 2018

March 6, 2018
Fostering Older Cats
Brady, an 8 year-old Ragdoll, came to live with us in September of 2017. Six months earlier his elderly guardians both passed, and their adult children abandoned Brady in the house after clearing it of its possessions. Luckily a neighbor saw Brady locked in the home and took measures to rescue him. Because Brady is a very powerful cat, he eventually managed to land in our home, some 280 miles to the West.
He arrived very obese and arthritic. His rescuer knew nothing of cat nutrition and let him free feed on dry Beneful cat food (bad!). So my first task was to help him regain his health. I took him to the vet and put him on a diet. He hated everything good-like our homemade crock-pot diet-but settled on eating the best grain free, organic, made from pasture raised protein sources kibble. https://acana.com/our-foods/cat-foods/regionals-cats/meadowland/?lang=usa
Brady’s vet also gave him a series of chiropractic adjustments to free up his very stiff joints. He also prescribed a joint supplements, which we call Brady’s “cookies”. The effort has paid off. Five months after his arrival, Brady has lost 3 pounds and his agility has returned.
When he first arrived he was depressed and withdrawn and bad tempered. When I tried to groom him, he whacked me hard with his arm. So I backed off when he said “no”. Eventually I established communication with him and talked with him about his losses and his sense of abandonment. I also had my friend and fellow communicator Barbara Rawson talk with him. She said he was a wizard! All of us in the family began to see Brady slowly emerge as a personality. He started to play with the two younger cats, Maisie and Major Tom (My daughter’s cats). He enjoys play-fighting with Major Tom in a style my daughter calls Kat Kung Fu. Eventually he moved from hanging out in other rooms to hanging out near us. He now follows us everywhere and is eager for attention and love. When I work in my office, Brady stays close by, loving the work I do as a communicator. He hasn’t learned to interact with my animal clients yet (Buster my Maine Coon loved to do that) but he’s definitely interested in what’s going on with my calls.
When you foster an older animal, they often arrive with issues of abandonment, grief, depression and fear. Their lives have been upended. It’s important to support their grieving process. Give them support, comfort, and the time they need to heal. I find that changes begin to show up after about three months.
Brady is now, after more than 5 months, settled into a routine and happy. He purrs, gives cat kisses, poses (he’s gorgeous) and generally accepts his specialness. We never miss a chance to give him attention and love and we are all enjoying the fruits of our efforts.

Turtle Island

June 2nd, 2017

This spring the lady box turtle once again laid her eggs in the garden in front of our home. We watched her slow progress of dispatching egg after egg as the day wore on. Then when we weren’t looking she finished her task and lumbered on to her next adventure. I went outside to examine the nest site and admired the job she had done to cover all evidence of her treasure beneath the earth. I have a project called “Turtle Island”. I want to name each of my box turtles. We have more than one and over the 12 years we’ve been here they’ve grown friendly. Just this week one turtle ambled up to our office downstairs and stood looking in until someone noticed him and then he slowly ambled away. I bought some small, colored rhinestones from Micheal’s Craft Store and my mission is to color code each turtle with a little rhinestone and make a corresponding record with a name and sighting dates. See photos below. This afternoon Hans came into the house to let me know he had spotted a turtle in the strawberry patch. I grabbed my rhinestones and went outside and glued a red rhinestone on my first box turtle. I’ve given her the name “Aphrodite” because she is, I believe, the mother of the eggs in our garden. So now I can call them by name and begin having conversations about them and with them. They love my strawberries and my compost pile. So we already have two conversation pieces. I am so excited! Stay tuned for “turtle talk”!

November 2016 Astrology

November 14th, 2016

The Election Edition.

Dear Reader,
We’re all probably numb by now. This report should cheer you up. I do not mention any names but when I applied my methods to the charts, I felt encouraged.

If you’d like to have a reading or get an update now’s the time. The stars are shifting and heading into less turbulent skies.

Diane Samsel

November 2016 Astrology

Monday, November 7: First Quarter Moon. Optimism and excitement drive a need to express humanitarian beliefs that support fairness for all. An independent female point of view successfully engages the public in efforts to make positive changes. Some feel hurt and misunderstood for their sense of abandonment while others feel they have no choice but to fight hard together to support the greater good. The frustration created is enormous and threatens to spill over into attack mode. However, cooler heads are likely to prevail through sheer energy and will. Disruptions have been anticipated and strategies for containment worked out well in advance. Both sides feel a righteous stance is justified however one side has a creative plan for change and a sense of shared purpose. This will be the winning side. It all comes down to choosing a path that allows the most among us to prevail, prosper and follow our dreams.

Wednesday, November 9: Mars enters Aquarius. Vibrant new energy springs forth from its captivity in a dark cave and puts ruthless power struggles in the rear view window. Strategies supporting emerging ideals and new perspectives are grounded in rationality and good judgment. Some dreams will die and in so doing the people whose dreams lie trampled in the dust will want to rise up in arms and protestation. The energy to support those who would do harm is unfocused at this point. However, there is a growing respect for the division between warring camps. A truce may emerge through dialogue and inviting all to the peace table. The chips must be carefully removed from the shoulders of those who feel left behind. Those in power and authority have the means and will to create a future of abundance. However, this abundance must be shared equally or it will be no dice for the deal. Prosperity comes through positive engagement within partnerships and community.

Friday, November 11: Venus enters Capricorn. Freewheeling but travel weary Sagittarius Venus changes course as she rolls up her sleeves to get down to work in this sign of discipline and determination. She puts her focus on issues that require change and exerts her power to lead. The women around you will be in a “take no prisoners” mood. This Venus will encounter a lot of helpers and folks ready to follow; ready to shake things up. However, expect resistance from those frustrated from failure and disappointment. They aren’t quite ready to quit the revolution. However, because so many people are happy and feeling celebratory those who prefer to keep the fires of dissent burning bright will be lurking in the shadows for now-nursing their grudges. They are feeling deceived. Ignore them at your own peril. Relationships thrive through a willingness to tackle herculean tasks with all the emotional excitement channeled though the warmth of victory. There is a new big picture emerging and those behind it have the power to make it happen.

Saturday, November 12: Mercury enters Sagittarius. The trickster planet enters territory where anything goes in the service of a good story! He’s also feeling very confident and willing to take chances. However, beware of anything that sounds too good to be true because this Mercury may take the truth a bit off course. On the other hand, there’s plenty of reason to believe that the lying and deception of recent months will be addressed with a sober mind and swift justice. This Mercury is afire with the desire to reach out and do something helpful that celebrates a shared abundance; he is in the service of getting something done to the point of overdrive. Nervous energy predominates but behind the scenes big changes are initiated—those now in control know their business and know how to get things done in with efficiency. Keep an eye on those who refuse to join the celebration. They’re experiencing uncomfortable levels of sobriety. Their bender has come to an abrupt end as the bar they prefer to frequent is now closed.

Monday, November 14: Full Moon. An ambitious effort to stabilize and reform meets a split audience. On the one hand there’s much celebrating for the advancement of their goals. These folks are very happy. They have achieved power and influence. On the other hand there are those who are feeling shocked and let down. They feel deceived. A mature and realistic leader can promote a positive outcome with solid plans that address the problems that bedevil both sides of the fence. Expect exciting, sudden new plans to come out of the blue and break through the dull and depressing spirit that has tied us all down for months.

Saturday, November 19: Neptune Direct. Neptune loves to dream new realities into solid form. For some this planet’s direct motion will allow much needed manifestation of pent up idealism; recent battles with so called reality (much of it delusion dressed up as real) have made us all weary. The will to address problems clearly perceived following the loss of illusion is strong. The Sun has our back with energy that will help us leap out of our foxholes to clean up the battlefield carnage. This part of the war is over. The Moon is our cheerleader today! She offers the gifts of mental sharpness, maturity, clarity of heart and emotional conviction. We are now safe to feel our vulnerability, breath deeply, and imagine a better world. A sense of purpose may infect our national mood as we embrace those who are feeling at a loss, who feel abandoned. A new perspective may emerge… now that the scales have fallen from just about everyone’s eyes. The energy today will be somewhat like how a family might feel 30 minutes after indulging in a messy and gross food fight over the holiday dinner table (imagine the turkey carcass hanging from the chandelier). Is this who we have become? That will be the question we’ll need to explore as we allow Neptune to speak to our souls with a new and inspired message.

Monday, November 21: Third Quarter Moon and Sun enters Sagittarius. The Sun will leave the scorching depths of Scorpio ruled by Pluto (the guy who thinks nothing of tossing you into a pressure cooker and cranking the heat up high) to enter soaring Jupiter’s realm. It might feel like you’ve gotten out of jail free with a pardon and a check for a million dollars! “Sorry we put you through that—hope you accept this check as a token of our sincere apology.” (Something like that.) You’ll notice a shift in communication style today; maturity is appreciated all around and will deliver some sobering news as well as some exciting plans and strategies for going forward. The entertainment factor of communication will vaporize in the cold light of day and set up the possibility that we’ll begin to accept the facts. We’ll all be hungry to know what’s really going on out there. Someone with a gracious yet “take no prisoners” personality will be on hand to tell it like it is. Someone else of equally forceful personality yet lacking the graciousness might be feeling quite unloved and unappreciated. This person might be feeling the shock of having secrets revealed that could be difficult to live with under current circumstances.

Tuesday, November 29: New Moon. A new cycle unfolds with a need to rope in the high-flying thoughts and bring them down to earth. A gracious perspective, one that is in control, empowering and full of possibility anchors abundant good will firmly into projects that benefit us all. However, there are those who will never be satisfied no matter what is offered. Watch for folks who just want to tear everything apart simply because they find your agenda intolerable. Younger or older folks in your environment, segments of our society, might be infected with such massive dissatisfaction that nothing can be done for them. Next month this mood will lift and those of us not happy with matters over which there is no control will begin to settle down.

If you’d no longer care to receive my reports, return this email with “Remove” in Subject line. Thanks! Diane

Dreams and Intuitive and Talking with Spirit Helpers

May 29th, 2016

For a week now I’ve been missing my Frisker garden shears. I’ve had them for over 20 years; they are important helpers to me. Yesterday Hans and I launched a search of the house and the garden shed and the garden and turned up empty handed. I went to bed last night with vivid images of those shears and prayed to St. Anthony to help me find them. During the night I dreamt was in a conversation with a man in a tan trench coat; like Columbo. At the end of the conversation, and totally unrelated to the subject we discussed, I asked him if he knew where my shears were. He said that they were in a cupboard and he showed me a mental image of the taupe colored shed in which my husbands segregates his gas powered lawn implements from the general gardening shed inhabitants. End of dream. Next morning I mentioned the dream to Hans and then he disappeared and minutes later proudly reappeared holding my shears! Where where they?! I exclaimed. Then Hans explained that the mention of the shed in the dream and the cupboard jogged his memory. He had originally thought to store them in the taupe shed but changed him mind and then put them on the kitchen counter. He deduced that they ended up in a kitchen drawer and that’s where he found them. Thank you St. Anthony! You are a doll!

Fish detrimental in a Feline diet

May 29th, 2016

Dr. Karen Becker recently posted this article on Mercola.com about the new research into hyperthyroidism epidemic in cats. Important news!