April 2018 Astrology Report

April 2018 Astrology Report

April 8: Third Quarter Moon. The Moon’s waxing square in Capricorn to the Aries Sun prompts us to get out there and get things done. Squares require turning a corner. Surrender to a new direction for fresh opportunity. This action releases energy and brings organization levels into alignment. Pleasure loving Venus in her own sign of Taurus brings enjoyment to mundane tasks. Cooperation levels are high. Initiating routines today gets them off to a nice start. Projects that require strategic planning tend to succeed. Friends are eager to help in the process. On the shadow side, unexpected breakdowns upset plans but provide a learning experience. You’re not alone–others may be upset and don’t mind letting you know about it. Surrender to the disappointment, apologize and move on in love and compassion for one another. It’s been a slow and frustrating Mercury retrograde period and everyone’s timing devices (both psychic and material) have failed in one way or another. Those issues will begin to resolve after the 15th when Mercury stations direct.

April 15. Mercury Direct. New Moon in Aries. When Mercury stationed retrograde on March 22, you may have been struggling with an issue weighing heavy on the mind. It’s been hard to move forward, it’s if time has slowed down. Maybe it has. Pressures that have built may now erupt-releasing a burst of creative energy. An unexpected relationship may intervene and bring a significant breakthrough. Life experience might deliver a little jolt that leads to matters falling magically in place. Embrace the evolving nature of life’s changing perspective and enjoy the coming transformation. This New Moon brings with her a rebirth; plan for new life to unfold in the coming lunar month. The ground beneath our feel will begin to feel less rocky. Focus on solidifying important new relationships. They will be empowering in the long run. Watch for big shake-ups to continue for people in power. An old order seems to be crumbling. Faith, trust and knowing there is always a rainbow at the end of a storm help smooth the turbulent waters of chaos.

April 17. Saturn Retrograde in Capricorn. Each of us has an inner executive. This executive self helps us plan, strategize, get things done in practical ways. Some of us disown that part of our personality. When you work well with your inner “CEO”, then you will find this a good time to review projects you’ve initiated since August 25, 2017. That’s when Saturn turned direct in its perceived course of motion. That Saturn Direct motion began right before the Great American Eclipse in August 2017. Some project set in motion during that period is now up for review. Saturn is our teacher and once we become devoted to following his wise counsel, life can stabilize. Since then, he’s travelled from the sign of Sagittarius to his home sign of Capricorn. In Sagittarius he was about inspiring us to find an uplifting sense of purpose. In Capricorn the lesson he brings is about structuring life in a way that pulls together all of our values, talents, hopes and dreams. You may have noticed that career goals evolved from lofty to practical over this time span. Now, with the retrograde motion is the time to apply that practicality. Opportunity for success is strong and requires a bit of shaking up the status quo. On the one hand the cosmic High Commander may seem all business, on the other hand his plans are for real and lasting change and a renewal of opportunity. Saturn teaches us to respect our place in society and to build on that image.

April 19. Sun enters Taurus. The planet of upset, breakdowns and sudden events (Uranus) conjoins the Sun as the Sun enters into the sign of peace and pleasure loving Taurus energy. Not a comfortable fit but can be managed with a bit of awareness of the challenges. Events of this period give us a foretaste of matters once the planet Uranus moves into Taurus on May 15. On the one hand the shake up might be just what you have hoped for bringing opportunity, excitement, needed change. For those not paying attention, this disruption can turn life upside down. Some little piece of news may be the catalyst. It could be something out of left field. This creative, high energy Sun needs grounding above all-a chance to settle into the sweet, sensual Venusian energy offered by the sign Taurus. Look for the beginning of a new trend that finally brings some peace and happiness into your life—others will not fare so well. Expect strong and deep emotions to emerge in a cathartic experience. These developments may unfold rapidly in the next month as we head towards having the master of breakdown-breakthrough (Uranus) enter Taurus also May 15. Expect tremendous relief if you’ve been tuned into reality (even though it has seemed very harsh at times) and resisted to temptation to fly to the light, to buy into the illusion. We’ve been in a period of fairly dark shadow energy and by staying with the reality that things sometimes need to be dark, you’ll find the brightness that is coming soon will feel spectacular.

April 22. Pluto Retrograde. First Quarter Moon. Pluto has been perceived to be in direct motion since September 28th 2017. Is your inner dictator ready to take a breather? Pluto represents the part of us that perceives reality and knows how to make lasting change through relentless pressure, and knows what it wants in terms of power. All of us look out at the world through a lens provided by the planet Pluto. An emotional conviction held since Pluto turned Direct now comes in for re-evaluation. Specific relationships (it is different for everyone) may have been under scrutiny during this period. Look around and see if you are accusing anyone of being a tyrant. There’s your own inner tyrant projected outward. While it’s true that tyrants exist, your reaction to them is key to managing your own power. Awareness gives you true power. Not reacting but being in action is the key. If uncomfortable with the results of your own assertiveness, you may find yourself in doubt during Pluto Rx. Own your shadow control freak to avoid embarrassment. Look to those individuals casting blame and projecting shame. Their game is about to be over. Once on the other side of this retrograde, when Pluto stations direct September 30, we might enter a period of stability and connectivity when the dictators in our midst come up against the rule of law- restoring to the rest of us the calm we have been craving. Behind the scene very sober, strategic minds have been hard at work bringing you this turn of events. It should make a lot people happy. Others will be outraged. Expect to feel ok with everything that evolves out of this time. Behind the scenes, Justice is in command.

April 24. Venus enters Gemini. Flirty, flirty Venus in Gemini! Nothing personal, just gotta flirt. There’s lots of fiery drama within personal relationships as the pleasure principle expresses through the art of social fun and games. Words will be your ally as your glide from flower to flower, gathering pollen for your honey. Be careful not to fall in love too many times as there are jealous eyes watching. Aside from the mad desire for love and pleasure, this can be a stretch of highly productive relationship building. Through strategy and clear, concise communication, plans progress beautifully. Reach out with grace to all you meet. Do this in a way that establishes respectful boundaries. This is a great time to promote a creative idea. Be nice, pleasant, respectful, and everyone will be willing to hear your story. When this energy is weaponised, expect strong pushback. Be gentle and loving with words and actions. The pleasure principle teams with our need to communicate, creating just the right words.

April 29. Full Moon in Scorpio. This intense lunation winds up the month bringing with it grand hopes of better times. Breaking news may be key to delivering a sense of new beginnings and an end to recent struggles. Good things are around the corner. Full Moons bring the Sun and his energy (stability loving Taurus) into opposition to the Moon and her needs-which in Scorpio means depth, control and a sense of importance. It signals the culmination of the April 15 New Moon promises and opportunities. That New Moon lunation was dramatic and fiery and should have shaken things up. Perhaps you needed to go into organization mode to stabilize your life a bit. Now’s the time to have a heart to heart with your inner control freak-get her to relax. Out of this struggle a new integrity is born. You’ll develop a nice balance between the desire to “hang out and enjoy” and the need to be at the control panel making sure every last detail is managed. Let things be messy and unresolved for a while. Planning sessions go well when project planning is given lots of wiggle room. There’s a need now to reign in excess in behavior, thought and expression. Modesty and respect gain a foothold and minding ones manners becomes the bedrock of success.


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